Research Project Proposal: Internships

Coming into my final semester at UOW, now more than ever the concept of internships and gaining experience prior to graduating is being pushed like crazy. Luckily enough, I’ve completed three internships thus far and I start another three-month internship next week (bringing my grand total to four internships in three years)! Despite my eagerness… Continue reading Research Project Proposal: Internships


Have We Given Up On Aussie Content?

“Why bother? Is it time to give up Aussie Content?” – Me Sometimes you don’t realise how little you actually know about a particular topic until you start to delve a little deeper! This concept perfectly sums up my understanding of the Australia Film Industry and Australian Content, prior to studying this subject. Not all… Continue reading Have We Given Up On Aussie Content?


The Way We Watch Aussie Content

Throughout the course of this subject, if one thing has become quite clear, it’s that I’ve watched very few Australian film’s, many of which I wasn’t even aware were Australian! With Hollywood and American, in general, providing huge competition with their constant box office smashes, even they’ve witnessed massive changes as of recent, with the… Continue reading The Way We Watch Aussie Content


Culture is DEAD, just get me a job! NO AUSTRALIA

New jobs are being created every day and with the rise of innovation and new technologies… your dream job potentially hasn’t even been created yet? But, what happens to the ‘old jobs’ when we’ve progressed past these so-called ‘primitive ways’?! Newspapers and becoming irrelevant, why physical read the paper when you can read it easily… Continue reading Culture is DEAD, just get me a job! NO AUSTRALIA


Aussie Audiences Vs. Aussie Films

The problem isn’t Australian films, it’s Australian audiences. When Australian film’s success and failure is discussed, everyone is quick to assume it’s because of the content. However, a new side of the story has recently been questioned. The problem may possibly be more than what’s in the movie, maybe it’s time we consider those watching.… Continue reading Aussie Audiences Vs. Aussie Films


Ozploitation & The Aust. Film Industry

Ever seen a bad 70’s Australian Film? If so, it was probably an Ozploitation film! Throughout this period Australia required a national identity, consisting of images and culture reflecting the characteristics of its population. Obviously, filmmakers at the time thought the best way to do this was to exploit the absolute hell out of Australian… Continue reading Ozploitation & The Aust. Film Industry


Culture Vs Policy In Australian Film

The Australian film industry seems to have come to a drastic halt in recent times, despite Australian film and media content proving to be both successful and influential both domestically and internationally. Australian film is well known for generating greater levels of understanding towards Australian culture and identity, further showcasing that Australian stories are best… Continue reading Culture Vs Policy In Australian Film