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Hello, It’s Me…

Just like all of life’s firsts, the obligatory first blog post is usually a little awkward and dorky. Regardless, I’m hoping that my blog will be a reflection of the person I am today so that I can look back on it in times to come and reflect on how much I’ve grown.

But first, an introduction is in order! So… Hello, it’s Me (Alanna not Adele). I’m 19yrs old and studying a Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies/Commerce double degree at the University of Wollongong. I chose this degree because I loved English, Business Studies and Digital Media subjects at school and knew I wanted to venture further into the areas of marketing and advertising within my future career. As such, I find it allows me to be creative, more aware of issues in the world and up to date with everything pop culture and in trend. I’m currently enthralled in numerous forms of media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and Snapchat as I find they are a great way to stay connected with family, friends, and peers (although I can sometimes become a little too absorbed in it all). I figure working with these various social forms is a great introduction into the world of everything media related.

Rather than ranting on about my entire life, here are a few quick and truthful, fun facts about the person I was, the person I am, and the person I hope to one day become:

  • From the tender age of 4, I have literally been the most type A chronic perfectionist you have met! My high ponytail couldn’t have any lumps, I would never colour outside the lines (seriously never), and god forbid my toast to be buttered incorrectly.
  • Despite having 50+ Bratz and Barbie Dolls I would never play with them, I would always just simply restyle their hair and clothing.
  • I am 110% a Carnivore! Chicken is the source of all my powers (I can easily eat a BBQ chicken on my own). I seriously don’t know how vegetarians do it?
  • I have an obsession with tea. Two cups a day, minimum.
  • I’m the biggest TV Show addict you’ve ever met, and will ever meet. And I mean that. Did I mention I’m obsessed with FRIENDS and Desperate Housewives?
  • Oh, I’m also the biggest klutz you’ll ever meet. I’m the girl who pulls the push doors, trips over everything, falls down constantly, breaks things and gets injured all the time (I’m just a danger, so be very aware in my presence).
  • On a more serious note, I don’t consider myself to be much of a writer so blogging is a bit of a challenge.
  • Right now, all my thoughts are directed towards travelling and meeting new people; a factor which first drew me towards a media related career.
  • In 5 yrs time, I want to have graduated from my degree hopefully with multiple internship experiences, and ultimately be working for an advertising/marketing company or a large television/radio network. I love the whole bubble of reality TV and would love to move to America when I finish my studies (working on a show like The Bachelor/Bachelorette would be my dream come true).

So basically, I’m a living cliché hoping to make my dreams a reality! I can’t wait to explore my course further and learn countless aspects about myself and the world around me. Sending virtual hugs to everyone who read this far ♥

Ciao, Amigos (because using just one language gets stale really quickly).

Alanna xx


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