Tinder, a Medium With a Message!

I’m not gonna lie, at first, the whole concept of ‘The Medium is the Message’ completely baffled me. Sitting in front of my laptop, the blank document and flashing cursor were just taunting me! My mind kept ticking over and over about what the concept really meant and the different ways it relates to today’s society. 

“The medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology”. – Marshall McLuhan

This quote suggests that the technological medium that a message is embedded, replaces the message itself and that ‘The Medium is the Message’. Mark Federman claims that in regards to media convergence, a medium is any extension of ourselves. Media convergence has been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of online dating apps and social networking sites. Nowadays it’s very rare to hear stories of couples eyes meeting across crowded rooms, or casually meeting at coffee shops, it’s more like “It all started online”.

The best way I can explain ‘The Medium is the Message’ is through the technological medium of Tinder. For a quick snapshot into the world of Tinder click HERE

Firstly, I do apologise for the bad language but let’s be realistic here, none of this is that shocking!

For those of you who have been living under a rock, I will get you all up to speed. Tinder is a dating app that allows the user to scan through photos of people (in your area might I add) and as easy as it sounds you literally swipe left or right depending on whether you like someone’s appearance or not. Rather than the intended message of the application encouraging the connection and formation of relationships with people of similar interest, the medium far outweighs the message showcasing that society has become so very shallow and egotistical. It has never been so easy to veto tens, even hundreds of people based solely on their profile picture, age and mutual friends.

As such, ‘The Medium is the Message’ conundrum infers that technology determines the message because individuals lose the meaning of that message, from the creation of new meaning developed from the type of media that the message is communicated by.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.49.08 pm.png

Thanks for the confusion Marshal!




12 thoughts on “Tinder, a Medium With a Message!

  1. A very well written post and well done on grasping tinder into your blog
    Maybe just go a little more into how the medium is the message for those following your blog that don’t attend the lectures or go to uni that way they can understand it more as well as those who do. I do however think that your exxplaination of it with how tinder is conveying a message is brillant!
    you also need to teach me how to link things into the blog, but just remember that what you’ve done here to grab attention is great within the blog, maybe try a different title though to also grab more attention, for instance this could be something about tinder. I bet you’d grab a few more teenage eyes with that one!
    all in all good blog post, can’t wait to see more

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    1. Thanks so much Clare, I really appreciate your positive comments and feedback! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and it’s always good to know the areas I can improve on/change for future posts. I can absolutely show you how to hyperlink, it’s actually super easy once you figure it all out! I hope that you can keep checking my posts regularly, I love hearing other people’s views 🙂

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  2. I felt just the same way about this concept too! I’m still struggling a little bit to get my head around it but examples I can relate to such as Tinder definitely help.
    I think you’ve written and set out this post really well and I enjoyed your meme. I don’t really have much to criticize but after a tute with Ted where he suggested that we should do less recounting of other’s ideologies and more free speech of the concept from our own thoughts, maybe you could consider that for your next post. Overall I think you have actually done this really well.
    Keep up the good work!

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    1. Thanks Aysha, your constructive feedback is really helpful and I’m so glad other people were struggling with the concept (omg it had me completely throw)! Good to hear my Tinder reference helped in relation to your understanding of ‘The Medium Is The Message’. Looking forward to your thoughts about future posts 😉

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  3. The tinder analogy was perfect! It was clear and easy to understand, because it was so easy to relate to. The ‘message’ part of ‘the medium is the message’ seems like the most simple yet is actually the hardest part of the concept to grasp, personally, but this analogy was really helpful.
    Something to work on would just be providing more of your own thoughts and feelings on the topic, as opposed to just explaining the meaning of the concept (which is something I have to work on too), to make your posts more personal.
    Other than that, great post!
    P.S. Love the Friends meme.

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    1. Misha, your comment was so sweet thanks for the positive feedback! I’m glad you liked my Tinder reference, I think it really helped break down the ‘Medium is the Message’ concept. I’ll definitely add more of my own thoughts as opposed to explaining in future posts and I love Friends so I couldn’t resist using that meme haha! 🙂


  4. Hi Alanna,

    I really enjoyed reading this post and the meme is absolute gold! The Tinder reference I found specifically interesting. I like how you related it to the medium is the message and can understand how the online dating mediums have caused that ‘non-obvious change’ that McLuhan and Federman were talking about; i.e. because of the creation of new mediums for the dating community (such as Tinder), we have gradually become perceptively shallow, and have changed the dating scene so it hardly requires initial face-to-face conversation anymore. For example, it can be seen as ‘non-obvious’ in that people evolved from meeting others themselves, to seeing match-makers, to online services.
    I think the Tinder’s attributes and limitations of swiping left or right upon seeing a first photo have really enhanced this claim and so have had a great impact in changing the way people meet.
    Not sure if any of that made sense, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this non-obviousness and evolution if you have the time!

    Great work,

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    1. Hi Charisse, wow I loved the amount of detail in your comment and the way in which you drew new meaning from the whole Tinder/Medium is the Message analogy! Don’t worry it definitely all made sense and I’m so glad that other people were able to understand the point I was trying to get across. Yes, the evolution of these dating mediums is quite concerning, contributing greatly to today’s very egotistical society. Once again, I loved the way you really broke down the meaning in my post, your comment was very interesting and has easily been the most intuitive. And, I couldn’t resist using a Friends inspired meme, who doesn’t love Rachel Green haha! 😉


  5. I really enjoyed this post, especially with the use of the Tinder example. It made it a lot easier to grasp onto the concept of ‘the medium is the message’ because you related it to something many people make use of and understand. I think the only thing I can suggest, is the same as most of the other comments, to add in more of your opinion or understanding of the topic, but aside from that I really enjoyed your post!

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    1. Thanks for your feedback Tiana! I’m glad the Tinder reference in regards to ‘The Medium Is The Message’ concept was easily relatable. I’ll definitely take your feedback into consideration within future posts. Was still really pleased to hear you enjoyed the blog overall! 🙂


  6. This is so relatable! I wish I had come across it while I was still very confused about the Medium is the message concept. Your analogy of Tinder gave me a tangible, modern example of the concept which gave it way better clarity than just being an abstract theory. I am a die hard friends fanatic, so well done on using that little reference into your blog! Love it!

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    1. Thanks Shoshana, I’m really glad you found my blog post relatable! I think by utilising a modern analogy like Tinder undeniably made the ‘Medium is the Message’ concept much clearer! And, the Friends meme did work well haha 😉


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