So, What’s Next?

Firstly, did you know if you were to print the amount of photos uploaded to Facebook in a single day, they would stack taller than 8 Eiffel Towers? 

Or, that the number of text messages sent and received every day exceeds the total population of the planet?

Evolution is a word we are all far too familiar with, basically, it’s meaning defines our whole lives. We live in a day and age of technological commodity, progressing so quickly that in the blink of an eye we have completely revolutionised the way we live. Apple products are the key to my daily existence. My collection currently includes the iPhone, iPod, iPad and my MacBook Air. Where I would be without them? Who knows! I find it fascinating thinking back to when the only forms of communication were letters or telegrams, I’m sure my grandparents could never have dreamed of all the technology we have right at our fingertips. I know for one, that my Nan is scared of technology and has no interest in learning how anything new age works. With a cup of tea in hand and a concerned expression, she recounts her experience at a cafe where two particular girls sat at a nearby table, texting, tweeting and tagging meanwhile civilisation’s figurative Facebook page was rather inactive. Thus, not all are going to indulge in media upgrades, or keep up with the fast-evolving realm of technology.

Along with this media chain comes an ever growing basis for competition and rivalry. This concept is highly prevalent in the world of mobile phones when comparing the iPhone and the Android, both unquestionably revolutionary phones with all the latest aesthetics, extra features and applications. Before choosing an option, I find it’s extremely important to ask yourself ‘How much control do I want over my own device?’. Henry Jenkins states, “Some fear that media is out of control; others that it is too controlled.” Selecting a phone has never been such a tough and personal decision, begging consumers to ask themselves many questions such as: What option is best for me and my lifestyle? Do I really want this phone, or am I simply feeling pressured to conform to mass media trends? Do I want to relax while apple does the work creating a focused and safe platform with approved apps and no bugs or viruses? Or do I want the freedom to create with endless options and be independent with an open garden of apps? Although I myself am personally an iPhone girl through and through, I have friends who swear by the Android. Everyone is going to have their own separate opinions and vision about what makes the ideal phone but that’s something that will never change.

Lastly, the most powerful concept from the lecture in my eyes was the statement ‘Always on, always connected, always on you’. I’m a self-confessed phone addict! I always have internet connectivity, I’m constantly checking my messages, Facebook and Snapchat, I couldn’t tell you the last time I turned my phone off and severed the connection. I completely agree with the idea ‘We are in the medium’. Clay Shirky sums this up by suggesting “Wireless has really made the experience of using the network moocher embedded in our daily practises. It’s much less an alternative to real life now and much more an augmentation of it.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 12.07.18 am.png

Here’s something both terrifying and exciting to keep in mind: ‘The amount of new technical information is doubling every two years, for students starting a four-year technical degree this means that half of what we learn in our first year of study will be outdated by our third year’. So, what’s next?





Preparing Students For What We Can’t Prepare Them For



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