YouTube Celebrities

In today’s society, social media is completely taking over! Its power is undeniable and as a result, social media has become an essential part of our daily lives. In the online realm of creators and consumers, the line between the two has become quite blurred. The introduction of various new age media forms has lead to individuals whom previously only existed as consumers, transitioning into content creators.

YouTube is a prime example of this transition, showcasing how easy it is to create original content, full of individual expression and personality.

Take a peek at my Prezi, demonstrating the success of my favourite YouTubers including Jenna Marbles, Jordan Bone, and Nicole Arbour.







3 thoughts on “YouTube Celebrities

  1. Youtube is easily the most prominent example of prosumers! You’ve outlined the points clearly and interestingly, and your Prezi is awesome 😀
    It’s interesting to see how these YouTube stars have exploded as prosumers on other platforms such as Twitter, have a look at Jenna Marbles’ Twitter for example. It’s a great example of a wider prosumer.

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