Personalise Your Product!

Katie Bunnell’s reading “Craft and Digital Technology” was the key source, contributing to my understanding of this weeks topic. Within the paper, Bunnell discusses how 20th-century mass production has resulted in the elimination of product individuality. Consumers have started to feel disconnected from their products and the brand itself, due to this uniformity. Obviously, companies realised that something needed to be done about this issue, which was leading to “an exponential growth in consumer demand for more personalised and unique products.”

Jumping almost 20yrs forward, in today’s society basically, everything can be personalised. As companies fight back against the threats associated with mass production, consumers are now given the option of purchasing the standard product or personalising it to their own individual desires.

Therefore, it is highly prevalent that mass produced products just don’t make the cut anymore. People want personalisation or at least the option of products that are individual and unique.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 2.43.07 pm.png

For more information on Katie Bunnell’s paper and this week’s topic, refer to my SoundCloud recording below:




2 thoughts on “Personalise Your Product!

  1. Interesting read, I had never really thought about it but we really do like everything to be personalized now. I guess it is also a part of our culture today in being wanting “different” and unique to everyone else. You are right though, the companies that allow personalisation in their production are thriving currently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho9jO1q9Kig This link shows how their personalisation campaign was so successful they kept running with it.

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  2. Hi Alanna!

    I really enjoyed reading this post, interest to see what your thoughts were on this topic! I love how you write, it is straightforward and to the point. Your soundcloud was good and I enjoyed listening to it. The personalisation of many products now is a big deal and I think it is a great thing! I know that i could never find my name on a coca cola bottle or anything like that and now I don’t have that problem. Keep up the amazing work!


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