Citizen Journalism?

Media convergence has allowed us to literally have the world at our fingertips, with immeasurable amounts of information and news constantly being accessible through our tiny devices. Taking on this new found status as ‘prosumers’, we are now able to report, share and spread our own opinions with the public via the internet.

As stated by Axel Bruns in this week’s reading, “Citizen journalism, which often builds on, debates, and critiques the published reports of mainstream journalistic organizations, can also be seen as a form of collaborative filtering – sifting through the vast amount of information now available in online environments in order to discover the most relevant, important, or useful information for specific purposes or communities.”

There are so many articles online expressing fears over the death of traditional journalism, due to the emergence of online news sites, full of non-qualified individuals giving their two cents worth on ‘the news’. Nevertheless, this new relationship between the general public and mass media outlets cannot be ignored, as more and more platforms are opening up for more accessible representations of current events and trends in society.

A journalist can be anyone who contributes to the reporting and commenting on events. If you have an online presence and have made your opinions public, you’re apparently a journalist too!

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One thought on “Citizen Journalism?

  1. I do think that there is a downfall with traditional journalism due to citizen journalism, but I think that you’re right in saying that it’s a new relationship between the two. Although it’s not considered proper journalism, it still enables more people to give their opinions on a variety of topics. I do think however that not anyone who contributes to the reporting of events can be considered a journalist purely due to the fact that they could be contributing the wrong information or writing from a biased viewpoint.

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