Am I Me? Or Am I My Persona?

What is real and what is fake? As I post only the most appealing pictures of myself, the most exciting places I visit and the most well-presented and delicious looking food on my social media accounts, I never really stopped to think about the consequences this could have in relation to my identity. Although I choose to represent myself to my followers, friends and subscribers in a way that appears most interesting, I never stopped to think about why I do this, or what this means?

Nowadays the world we live in is filled with micro-celebrities. Simply put, a micro-celebrity is someone who constructs a specific representation of themselves on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter gaining fame from their so called ‘amazing lifestyle’.

Millions and millions of us are being sucked into believing that everyone has this exciting and fun filled life, just like the celebrities, full of coffee dates, perfect makeup, and uncapped travelling adventures. Keep in mind, it’s probably just that celebrities public relations team distorting our perceptions. Majority of the time we are looking at fake and purposely manufactured accounts, although we want them to be real they are clearly full of unrealistic ideals.

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4 thoughts on “Am I Me? Or Am I My Persona?

  1. Hey!
    I like how mention how you curate your own content that you upload to social media. You have created a desired persona that shows your audience who you are. As you mention, the accuracy of this online identity is up for debate. Your inner examination personalises the possible disadvantages of the online persona. We all want people to think we are a particular person. We are all guilty of curating the content we produce. Overall, I loved your blog post. It has made me question who I am online and who I really am. :/

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  2. Hey there! I was really interested in the way you said that we look at people’s profiles and automatically think that due to what they post this is the kind of life they live. This is such a true statement! We are so influenced by celebrity and popular culture that we only post the things that will get us the most traction and likes. The Kardashians are a great example of this in the way they portray their lives to be so glamorous and that they only have the best of everything.

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  3. Hey Alana! Loved reading your post. I totally agree with you, a lot of us do believe that other people’s lives are full of fun and adventurous things everyday when in reality that is not the case. I liked that you mentioned that it creates an unrealistic perception of life as I totally agree with that! The way you incorporated links into your text was also very clever and allows for the audience to further extend their knowledge. I thought this article was also really interesting and relevant to this topic: http://time.com/3660487/online-personality/
    Well done 🙂

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  4. Does it really matter if we are or are not appealing to an audience as a whole on social media? If we ourselves are satisfied with the image we are presenting online, is that enough?
    A lot of people use social media in order to help find their own identity (https://cyberculturesblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/30/identity-in-social-media/); utilising the digital world to play with, experiment, and explore different senses of persona. If we utilise the media in this way, are we trying to cater for an audience, or for ourselves? Are we looking to explore different aspects of our lives further and hope it infiltrates our physical ‘real’ lives? (further source for research on online ‘reality’: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/r-kay-green/the-social-media-effect-a_b_3721029.html)

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