My Media Space

Hello, once again my peeps! Another session of blogging is upon us and this semester I’ll be using my blog for BCM240. For anyone new to my blog, my name is Alanna and I’m a 2nd-year Communication and Media Studies/Commerce student majoring in marketing communication and advertising and minoring in public relations.

After watching this week’s lecture, I realised just how much I rely on dynamic media spaces. Social media spaces, in particular, are my main form of communication with friends and family; Facebook and Messenger are an essential communication tool (mostly for gossip), SnapChat allows me to send photos (filtered selfies) and videos of all my crazy daily happenings, Twitter allows me to rant about whatever’s bothering me, and lastly Instagram is basically my photo diary! Not only are media spaces necessary but they’re also a key ingredient for our generation’s survival, as we are able to see what our closest friends and family are doing all around the world.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.11.59 pm.png

It’s so bizarre to think these media spaces weren’t around when my parents and grandparents were young. Being so accustomed to these ever growing media spaces it’s easy to forget that not everyone has grown up with this constant accessibility. I’m very interested to see what the future holds and where these media spaces are advancing… how many new forms of communication such as posting photos, videos and sharing our lives can be invented?



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