Off to the Movies!!!

When interviewing my Nan about her memories of the cinemas, it was highly interesting to pick her brain and hear a totally different perspective to that of my own. I find it fascinating to compare the experiences of individuals in different generations, hearing all about ‘the olden days’ and the films and cinema trends popular during this time.

During our memory conversation Nan couldn’t remember the first film she ever saw at the cinema, “It was so so long ago” she replied. Funnily enough, Nan said that when she was little, cinema visits were few and far between because she used to get scared of the dark and never wanted to sit still for long enough to watch the entire film.

Our conversation went on for a good 1/2 hour as she suggested that going to the cinema was a real treat when she was young, everyone would dress up and plan the whole day in advance, prepare and pack all their own snacks and it was truly seen as something exciting and out of the ordinary. Evidently, times have changed greatly as I quite often go to the movies with friends and simply see it as a casual trip, we all buy popcorn, drinks and snacks at the counter and the quality of films has skyrocketed with 3D options available as well as gold class, special events, premiere nights, VIP lines to cut the cue and online ticket sales being readily available.    

There are, however, many aspects one must consider when planning a trip to the movies. Hagerstrand stated that “Time has a critical importance when it comes tufting people and thing together for functioning in socio-economic systems”. He identifies three human constraints that apply in situations such as planning a visit to the cinema:

1) Capability (How to get there)

2) Coupling (Getting there at the right time)

3) Authority (Being allowed to be there)

At the moment three friends and I are planning to spontaneously go to the movies. So, tonight (being Thursday) we are going to see The Shallows at Event Cinema in Shellharbour at 9:30pm. When it comes to capability it’s obviously no issue for us to get there, as we all live 10mins away and have cars. With coupling, we were both available for the night and didn’t have any issues that would affect us getting there on time. Lastly, we didn’t need anyone’s authority or permission, therefore it wasn’t a constraint for us to go.

Sadly, when thinking about the future of film and cinemas, I believe that popularity will continue to decrease because anyone can download any new movie illegally at the touch of a button. It’s free, easy and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home. Take a look at Roger Ebert’s article for more of an insight into why movie revenue is dropping.

Personally, I will always enjoy going to the cinema (especially gold class) over downloading something at home. Especially when you’re with friends, holding a massive bucket of popcorn and catching up afterwards at Max Brenner.

The story of my life! #NoSelfControl #NutsForPopcorn Source.

Until next time readers, I’m off to the movies!!!


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