Prior to studying this week’s topic Nollywood was a completely foreign term. However, it turns out Nollywood is the name referring to Nigeria’s film industry, which is now the second largest film industry in the world! As such, the emergence of global film industries including Nollywood and Korean film has contributed to the increasing globalisation of film.


Beginning in the 1990’s, the Nigerian industry produced 9,000 films between 1992 and 2007. These films, however, were relatively low budget, and low quality, being shot in 2-3 days and released straight to video, rather than going to the cinemas. Click HERE to watch a brief clip about Nollywood films in the making!

These films have become vital to the economic and social standing of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, maintaining a special place in the lives of their local audiences. As suggested by Okome “There is so doubt that Nollywood exhibits the hybrid character that is obvious in many forms of African popular arts, as its acute notation of locality gives it an unprecedented acceptability.” The individuality and uniqueness of Nollywood productions provide a deeper understanding of Nigerian culture, one that simply does not exist in our own western films.


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