Life Through My Phone

Technology nowadays is a massive part of everyone’s lives, I know it’s a massive aspect in my own. Rather than having individual experiences, everyone is able to share their daily activities with those around them and amongst social media. It just seems like a normality to document every aspect of our lives. As stated previously I am definitely guilty of this, as my Instagram is basically a photo diary of my life and every other social media platform that I have is updated with new posts quite regularly.

Look familiar? Source.

I also realised last night when out in town for the usual Retro Thursday, just how many people are on their phones whilst out with friends, dancing and having fun. Friday morning Snapchat stories are always bombarded with videos and photos of the night before, obviously, it’s a great way to document the night and remember what’s happened, but it can also be extremely damaging due to the drunk videos, vomiting pictures and party vibes being captured. This begs us to question whether individuals have agreed to this exploitation whilst being unaware? Not to mention there are photographers at clubs these days taking pictures throughout the night, so everyone is bound to end up in the background of multiple photos whether they want to or not.

Below is an image captured by friends, whilst be were in a nightclub bathroom. As you can see, I was unaware that the image was being taken because I’m looking down at my phone. Both emphasising that I use my phone regularly when I’m out, and representing how easily a photo can be captured without consent. I have asked the individuals in the picture to use the image and have their permission to be featured.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 8.37.23 pm.png
Authors Own Photo

With media accessibility at its absolute highest, photos and videos can be captured and distributed easily, and it’s very difficult to maintain ethics. It’s the social norm to post pictures on various media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, being instantly shared with everyone. It is, however, important to always ask permission before posting an image of someone, especially if they don’t want to be represented online, or wish to remain anonymous.


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