Criss-Cross Cinemas YAY or NAY?

My first crossover film experience was watching Bend It Like Beckham in Yr7. At this young age I never fully understood the intermixing of culture, the hybrid humour, or the universal themes being explored. I can now appreciate the cultural awareness and high levels of acceptance the film promotes. As Khorana states, this cinematic style creates “cross-cultural affinities that both travel and stay”, highlighting just one of the reasons why crossover films are so successful.


One of the most prominent crossover films to date is Slumdog Millionaire. The film exposed what many viewers imagined to be an authentic representation of slum life in India, mixed with a hint of western influence. Khorana suggests that the film “literally crossed over to the main group. The film’s cross-cultural affiliations no longer rendered it foreign, and this is an important indicator of its crossover production, content, and appeal.” However, the film’s director, Danny Boyle of British origin, has been criticised for implementing large amounts of British influence into the film, undermining aspects of Indian life and showing a mostly negative spin on Indian culture.

In summary, whilst crossover films can be received in both a positive and negative manner, accurate representation and intercultural communication can largely enhance the lives of diasporic communities. Films like Bend It Like Beckham and Slumdog Millionaire, prove that culture can be blended to create an intriguing cinematic experience. Crossover films have a massive impact on our acceptance of other cultures and understanding of the world around us.


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