Snappy 101

With technology nowadays playing a massive part in everyone’s lives, people are constantly using their phones (I know I am addicted to my own) and the various applications they have downloaded on these devices.

In comes SNAPCHAT my absolute favourite app!!!

Look familiar?! Source

The application I now call ‘Snappy’, is my greatest source in order to regularly stay in contact with friends and remain updated on their day-to-day happenings both big and small. Snapchat can easily compete with other older and popular social media platforms, including both Facebook and Instagram. “Friday morning Snapchat stories are always bombarded with videos and photos of the night before, obviously, it’s a great way to document the night and remember what’s happened.”

This topic was extremely interesting to me in numerous ways. As such, I began to ask myself is there a story with a story? Going toe to toe with all the other social media platforms, Snapchat is truly one of a kind!

Oh, feel free to add me as well… especially if you wanna witness these daily digital stories I’m talking about!


Interview w/ my BFF

Whilst informally interviewing my best friend Monique about her Snapchat addiction, I briefly took notes of her opinions on the application and it’s links relating to digital storytelling. Here were some of the comments she made that really intrigued me:

  • “Well throughout my 18th birthday party (last weekend), anyone who watched my Snapchat story would have almost felt as though they attended! The entire digital story so to speak was available for all my friends and family to witness.”
  • “Obviously, the application in itself is a part of something much bigger, helping us all create brilliant memories and tell an important story about that aspect of our day or the special occasion we are representing.”

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