Snappy Reflecting

“A Snapchat or it didn’t happen!” – Me

Why this topic?

I have never been the kind of person who takes photos upon photos when going out, nor was I a massive fan of social media and everything it represents. However, since purchasing my first iPhone I was introduced to many new and innovative media forms… and so my Snapchat addiction began! I can now admit without shame, that selfie-taking and self-promotion are the highest forms of communication amongst myself and my friends. Whilst clubbing on my usual Retro Thursday, I was taken aback by the staggeringly highly number of individuals on their phones, taking pictures of themselves and friends, as well as videoing their club experiences for their Snapchat network to see. After this moment of intrigue had passed, I planned to complete some research into Snapchat stories within stories, and the concept of this medium being a digital storytelling project in itself. I informally interviewed by best friend Monique and as stated in my previous blog post, I was really interested by the ideas she brought forth about the application.


As is the case with any research task, there are always challenges to overcome. Whilst I has briefly discussed my assignment ideas with friends, Torsten Hagerstrand’s restrictions were brilliant examples engulfing many of the reasons why I struggled within this project. Eg, ‘can I get there’ was one of the most common issues I faced throughout the assessment because I always seemed to be stressed out with other uni tasks, or constantly juggling shifts at work (making it really difficult to find the free time)! Considering these bumps along the road, I decided to only interview one person (Monique) informally and take notes on the main opinions she expressed rather than filming on iMovie which I was unable to access. Furthermore, I also decided to focus more attention on my Prezi, hoping to intertwine more personal snapchat experiences, photos and examples to showcase meaning.

The Platform

I decided to utilise the platform of a blog series in order to represent my digital storytelling concept. Blogging is the platform that feels second to nature and comfortable, not to mention it allows me to have a broader range of content on my individual WordPress site! University assessments like this project will be great material for future employers to look through, as well as reading my previous posts regarding the media from older BCM subjects.

Blog Series:

The Result

A thought that was commonplace between myself and Monique when considering our Snapchat usage, was the concept of a ‘double reality’ social space. Prior to this research task, I had never previously considered the deeper meaning behind our Snapchat stories and the aspects of our lives we choose to share with those around us.

Looking Ahead

The most important aspect I can take away from this project is time management (no shock there)! Despite constantly being organised in my day to day life and work schedules, the university stress heading towards the end of this semester was absolutely through the roof. I would have loved to have had another week to interview more people about their Snapchat opinions and experiences, as well as extended by Prezi. However, it is what it is and I’m really proud of the topic I have chosen to research, not only because it interests me greatly, but because the concept of self-promotion and sharing one’s life with the world is something that interests me beyond measure!

My digital storytelling project was both satisfying and eye-opening (I had no clue I used Snapchat quite that much). Not to mention a big thank you to Monique for allowing me to interview her, my friends who are amongst my Prezi Snapchat images and videos, and anyone else who contributed their opinions and perspectives  to my project. Everyone was so helpful and I genuinely appreciated the time you took out of your lives to assist me.

Further Information

The following clip is a mashup of well-known comedian Nicole Arbours Snapchat story from September, further allowing you to see the personal nature of individuals stories and uploads using this application.

Lastly, below is an interesting clip which suggests that Snapchat is the future of storytelling!


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