Research Proposal: Uni & Work Vs. A Social Life

I know myself, being a full-time university student as well as juggling two part-time jobs, trying to keep in contact with friends and family, maintain a social life, and consistently get good marks, whilst also finding down time to relax, sleep and eat is challenging, to say the least! It’s only the 3rd week back… Continue reading Research Proposal: Uni & Work Vs. A Social Life


Why the ‘Selfie Obsession’?

Most recently, it has become rather apparent that society (particularly millennials) are obsessed with taking selfies wherever and whenever. I know I’m definitely guilty of the occasional selfie spree, whilst enjoying a night out with friends and family (and I’m far from being alone)! As such, this magical concept called a ‘selfie’ is utilised mostly… Continue reading Why the ‘Selfie Obsession’?