Learning to be Curious

Curiosity is ultimately the main forces connecting us to the entire human population. If we weren’t curious we’d be very boring members of society. Curiosity inspires us to try different food, meet new people, travel to different places and take on all kinds of new experiences. No two people in this world are ever exactly the same and curiosity changes our point of view and priorities in life. As such, our identity is shaped by the curiousness within ourselves and all the ‘Why’ questions relating to our surroundings.

Whilst some people tend to be more curious than others, my greatest exposure to curiosity has always been my younger Sister Emily. Despite only being 2yrs younger than myself, she was always so inquisitive wanting to constantly know more about the world around her and teach me everything she had learnt.

Curiosity is a power concept as other individuals can help you feel extra curious about different topics. I’m so grateful that my Sister made me a more curious person and still influences me to further ask questions. After all, curiosity has led me to study a double degree at university, try all different kinds of cuisines (I even ate snails), and has made me a much better employee at my two jobs.

So I’ll wrap this up with a Walt Disney quote, as I believe the more paths you go down the more aspects of life you are able to experience, presenting a whole new journey of curiosity.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 9.22.17 pm.png

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