Research Proposal: Uni & Work Vs. A Social Life

I know myself, being a full-time university student as well as juggling two part-time jobs, trying to keep in contact with friends and family, maintain a social life, and consistently get good marks, whilst also finding down time to relax, sleep and eat is challenging, to say the least! It’s only the 3rd week back and I’m already buried in lecture material, tutorial work, textbooks and assessments. Throughout the week I’m often left feeling tired, stressed and overwhelmed having to miss hanging out with my friends and skip the gym just to complete assignments and have that small amount of ‘Me Time’.

Accurate depiction of myself majority of the time! Source

I’m extremely eager to gain further insight into the ways university students spend their days/nights balancing time and attention amongst university, work and social commitments. Leading into my research topic: ‘Are university students spending too much time studying and working, pushing their social commitments and health to the side?’ As such, I’m intrigued to see the results from my research, because I know I’m not the only student who feels like she’s missing out on all the fun, constantly working but never playing!

UOW’s Wheel of Wellbeing (WOW): I definitely don’t have a balanced wheel that’s for sure! Source

Throughout my research project, I’m aiming to use a combination of both primary and secondary data. Whilst the topic I have selected already has plenty of secondary sources and background research available, I’m also going to create an online survey with a series of closed and open-ended questions in order to receive a higher level of understanding from the participants. By using an online platform such as Survey Monkey, I’ll be able to reach a wider UOW student audience and in turn generate more answers to my questions, rather than using physical questionnaires which limit numbers. I would also like to conduct two interviews (with the individual’s permission prior) to gain further knowledge on the topic, allowing participants to share their experiences making my research more relatable.

The topic I have selected is personal to me as I feel I’m always struggling to make time for my health and social commitments after I’ve dedicated copious amounts of time to university and work. I often use the phrase “I gonna have to skip it” when responding to my friends about a potential night out or going to the gym. Despite feeling terrible about missing something beneficial to my wellbeing, I always prioritise university and work. Therefore, hopefully by delving deeper into this topic I’ll be able to find out how many university students are facing the same challenges as myself and the ways in which we can possibly combat such issues.

Is everyone missing out on the play aspects and just doing all the work?


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