Gender Inequality in the Media (Part 2)

Carrying on from my previous blog ‘Gender Inequality in the Media (Part 1)’, throughout this blog I’ll be focusing on the high levels of disrespect shown towards females within the media industry.

I’ll start by showing you guys the following clip, from John Oliver’s TV program Last Week Tonight. discussing the topic of International Women’s Day. It’s pretty obvious in itself, that if we need to have an ‘International Women’s Day’ something is very wrong with the world! As always, John Oliver has found the most entertaining and hard hitting clips to put forth a very powerful message, and further represents the way women are often disrespected, even in some cases by world leaders!!

After watching that clip, my only thought was… WOW!!!!

After completing further research I also found that the Women’s Media Centre Report discovered that 41% of its respondents have experienced some form of online harassment, bullying or trolling via social media, ranging from minor problems to death threats and stalking cases. Several women have also stated that they have been silenced after such incidents, or changed careers after this kind of harassment has occurred. The following clip further showcases a publicised examples of a female being harassed and made look like a fool on live TV.

Additionally, I have selected a widely utilised example from the TODAY Show. The clip shows how Karl has been wearing the EXACT SAME suit on the Today Show for 1 WHOLE year and no one even notices. However, his co-host Lisa wears the same blouse four months apart and a massive social media storm arises, making headlines everywhere. Surely if Karl can wear the same suit for a year, Lisa can outfit repeat once?!

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.03.38 pm.png

In conclusion, being a female myself and wanting to get into this kind of industry, it’s easy to see why other females can easily be deterred. When I finish university, I want to know that I’m working for a company that value’s it’s female employees just as much as it’s male employees, taking fairness, equality and respect very seriously.


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