Research Project Reflection

The end of the semester has arrived and so has the final reflection for my chosen research project. If you have been following my BCM212 journey, you’ll be well aware of my decision to change topics halfway through the semester! After completing a number of my peer’s online surveys, I realised that the original topic I had chosen ‘Uni and Work Vs. A Social Life’ was something that many of my peers had focused on… so and decided to quickly change topics and focus on something more unique and related to my interests. As such, throughout this final response, I will give you all a behind the scenes look into my research project, as well as the theories behind the ethical research being conducted.

My final research project topic stemmed from the concept of curiosity (Yes, I’m thinking of Alice In Wonderland as well)! Curiosity is something I experience every day, I’m sure I’m not the only one questioning everything. When the idea of my research topic first came to mind, I was extremely interested in the topic and decided to focus on ‘The reasons for the faster sexualisation and development of females between the ages 10-13yrs within today’s society, and the reasons behind it?’

The next theory in relation to my research project was reflexivity, being the concept of critically thinking about your participation in a given situation. The term reflexivity was highly important in regards to my overall interest in the selected topic as it directly relates to the rapidly evolving world I live in. Not to mention, when selecting a topic that greatly involved the participation of many peoples and their experience I needed to exercise constant ethical accountability. During this week’s lecture, we were introduced to the Media Alliance Code of Ethics, enforcing the importance of honesty, fairness and privacy when completing research. Throughout both my surveys and interviews, it was extremely important that I remained consistent, by ensuring my research was free from bias, individuals remained anonymous (unless suggested otherwise), and answers remained protected.

For future research, I would have liked to have added a focus group into the research methodologies being used. When completing other peers focus groups within our tutorials, I found the information would’ve been extremely beneficial to my own research, however having limited time meant this couldn’t occur. This is an aspect of flexibility, where I had to change my plans in order to fit with the circumstances I was given.

In conclusion, I am extremely happy with the outcome of my final research report, although there are various aspects I could have done differently. However, I understand that mistakes and areas of improvement are all a part of the research process. Although I’m really proud of my efforts, having completed two separate surveys (each receiving 30 different participants), as well as two separate interviews. I’m also really glad, to have researched a topic that had personal meaning, and also related to the outside world. I know I’m not the only one, who thinks young girls are growing up far too quickly, especially when compared to previous generations. From my research, I have learnt so much, and I honestly can’t wait to explore my topic further individually.


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